Where You Can Do Beer Tasting In Henderson

There are some vacations that you go on where you have a general idea of what it is that you are going to do. For example, if you traveled to the Napa Valley of California, you are already assuming that you’re going to be tasting wine. On the other hand, if you are traveling into an area where people are doing microbrewery beer, you would assume that this would be on the East Coast. However, you can actually go to get some of the best beer on the West Coast if you try out some of these places in Henderson

Why Do Most People Stop In Henderson?

The reason that most people will go to Henderson is because it has so many different options. Unlike Las Vegas where you know exactly what you are going to do, your choices are wide open. Most people go down the strip in Vegas, go to shows, or doing assortment of other things. Instead, in Henderson you can do flights, ATVs, right horseback, and you can also try some of the best beer in town.

Bad Beat Brewing

This is a nice little place that serves beer if that’s what you like to drink. You can stop into taste some of the related porter brewed beers. They also have video games there, and Genda, in case you are bored. It’s basically designed for people that absolutely love different types of beer.

Crafthaus Brewery

This is another place that has rave reviews and you might want to stop by. Even if you don’t like beer, it’s worth the few minutes that you are going to spend at this awesome brewery. You can do a four glass tasting flight for 10 bucks, and you can also try some of the craft beers that are available. It is owned and operated by people that understand why people like beer and always try to provide the best.

These are great destinations for people that are staying in Henderson. You can stop by every day of the week. Definitely go into either one of these if there are football games, or whatever it is that you want to do. It’s going to be a fun filled time allowing you to really experience why Henderson is actually known for having not only excellent tours, and gambling, but also some of the best beer that you can drink.