What Is There To Do In Henderson Nevada?

If you have a vacation coming up in the next month or two, you may want to travel into Nevada. If you are coming into the South portion of the state, you should consider staying in Henderson. This is a destination that many people choose because of its many opportunities to experience the beautiful landscapes of this state. For those that enjoy desert terrains, sagebrush, and incredible sunsets on a rolling hill, it’s really the best place to be. You are close enough to many of the activities that people would be afforded in larger cities like Las Vegas. Here are some of the things that you can do in Henderson, and just outside of the city, that should motivate you to visit.

Cornerstone Park

For those that are just looking for a great place to relax, especially if you are bringing the kids, you can head over to Cornerstone Park where you can see a body of water where local birds fly in. It has a unique appearance, and you could probably plan a picnic and enjoy the local scenery. It’s a destination for those that would like to get out into the natural areas of Nevada without having to go to far.

Grand Canyon Day Trips

There are several different packages where you are able to go into the canyon itself. There are companies like Big Horn Palmer Tours where you can go into the canyon far further than you would hiking down. You can experience the majestic scenery of the canyon, see the Joshua Tree forests, and they will even take you over to Hoover Dam. Finally, they will drive you back and you will have had one of the best experiences that you have ever had.

All of this, plus local casinos, are available to people that will be in Henderson. You really need to consider this if you want to deviate from just a vacation of gambling. Getting out into the wilderness, and heading over to the Grand Canyon National Park should be on your agenda. It’s something that no one ever forgets, and with the many mobile and aerial tours that are available, you can see a large portion of southern Nevada in a short period of time. If you do choose to head into Vegas, that’s just a short drive away. It will make your trip complete. You get to experience the natural aspects that surround the city, and all of the fund that you can have at night, just because you stayed in Henderson.