Where You Can Do Beer Tasting In Henderson

There are some vacations that you go on where you have a general idea of what it is that you are going to do. For example, if you traveled to the Napa Valley of California, you are already assuming that you’re going to be tasting wine. On the other hand, if you are traveling into an area where people are doing microbrewery beer, you would assume that this would be on the East Coast. However, you can actually go to get some of the best beer on the West Coast if you try out some of these places in Henderson

Why Do Most People Stop In Henderson?

The reason that most people will go to Henderson is because it has so many different options. Unlike Las Vegas where you know exactly what you are going to do, your choices are wide open. Most people go down the strip in Vegas, go to shows, or doing assortment of other things. Instead, in Henderson you can do flights, ATVs, right horseback, and you can also try some of the best beer in town.

Bad Beat Brewing

This is a nice little place that serves beer if that’s what you like to drink. You can stop into taste some of the related porter brewed beers. They also have video games there, and Genda, in case you are bored. It’s basically designed for people that absolutely love different types of beer.

Crafthaus Brewery

This is another place that has rave reviews and you might want to stop by. Even if you don’t like beer, it’s worth the few minutes that you are going to spend at this awesome brewery. You can do a four glass tasting flight for 10 bucks, and you can also try some of the craft beers that are available. It is owned and operated by people that understand why people like beer and always try to provide the best.

These are great destinations for people that are staying in Henderson. You can stop by every day of the week. Definitely go into either one of these if there are football games, or whatever it is that you want to do. It’s going to be a fun filled time allowing you to really experience why Henderson is actually known for having not only excellent tours, and gambling, but also some of the best beer that you can drink.

What Is There To Do In Henderson Nevada?

If you have a vacation coming up in the next month or two, you may want to travel into Nevada. If you are coming into the South portion of the state, you should consider staying in Henderson. This is a destination that many people choose because of its many opportunities to experience the beautiful landscapes of this state. For those that enjoy desert terrains, sagebrush, and incredible sunsets on a rolling hill, it’s really the best place to be. You are close enough to many of the activities that people would be afforded in larger cities like Las Vegas. Here are some of the things that you can do in Henderson, and just outside of the city, that should motivate you to visit.

Cornerstone Park

For those that are just looking for a great place to relax, especially if you are bringing the kids, you can head over to Cornerstone Park where you can see a body of water where local birds fly in. It has a unique appearance, and you could probably plan a picnic and enjoy the local scenery. It’s a destination for those that would like to get out into the natural areas of Nevada without having to go to far.

Grand Canyon Day Trips

There are several different packages where you are able to go into the canyon itself. There are companies like Big Horn Palmer Tours where you can go into the canyon far further than you would hiking down. You can experience the majestic scenery of the canyon, see the Joshua Tree forests, and they will even take you over to Hoover Dam. Finally, they will drive you back and you will have had one of the best experiences that you have ever had.

All of this, plus local casinos, are available to people that will be in Henderson. You really need to consider this if you want to deviate from just a vacation of gambling. Getting out into the wilderness, and heading over to the Grand Canyon National Park should be on your agenda. It’s something that no one ever forgets, and with the many mobile and aerial tours that are available, you can see a large portion of southern Nevada in a short period of time. If you do choose to head into Vegas, that’s just a short drive away. It will make your trip complete. You get to experience the natural aspects that surround the city, and all of the fund that you can have at night, just because you stayed in Henderson.

What You Can Do In Henderson Nevada When You Visit

Henderson Nevada is a city that you can visit when you are headed down to Las Vegas. It’s actually right in between Las Vegas proper and Boulder City. It is a nice community, one where you can participate in some activities that are not available in Vegas itself. It’s a much quieter atmosphere, away from all of the glitz and glamour that some people don’t actually like, especially if they have to spend the night. Here is what you should do if you ever go to Henderson in Nevada.

Clark County Heritage Museum

People that have been here are actually astounded at this destination because it is so inexpensive. Senior citizens can get in for one dollar, and everybody else is two dollars, making it extremely cheap entertainment. It has a lot of interesting artifacts that come from Native Americans, and back when mining was very popular. It also has information on gambling, railroads, and many other displays.

Las Vegas Museum Tour

There is quite a bit to do in this attraction which does cost a little bit more money but there is quite a bit to see. They will actually pick you up at your hotel if you are signed up with the to her, and you will get to explore an exhibit hall, walk through eight historic homes, and learn a bit about ancient times to the present. There is also the Mob Museum where you can learn about that. In southern Nevada history, especially where Las Vegas was controlled by the mob. It’s a fun filled activity, and it will definitely leave you satisfied with all of the things that you will be able to do there.

These are just a couple of the events that are available in Henderson. People tend to come here because it has a more relaxed atmosphere. If you are just coming to get away from the city because of your job, and you don’t want to go to Vegas, this is the place to be. You can also book trips to the Grand Canyon if you want to, or head down to Hoover Dam. It’s a fantastic location for anyone that wants to have a good time apart from Vegas itself. Best of all, you will likely be able to save money during your trip due to the cost of food in the hotel that you will be staying at. It also puts you closer to some of these other attractions that will allow you to do more every day.

What Park Should You Visit When You Go To Henderson?

A trip to Nevada, especially to areas where there are incredible amounts of casinos, tends to motivate people to gamble. There are some people, however, that come down into southern Nevada to do something completely different. Of course, gambling is going to be on their agenda. It’s something that people do when they get into these areas. However, they might also really enjoy playing slot machines. And if they can do this, they are going to have a fantastic time doing both which includes going on hikes and trying to win at their favorite game.

What Are Their Options?

The options that they have before them really include choosing from many different parks. In fact, if they would prefer just going to a preserve, they can check out the Lien Habitat ran short the Henderson catbird Viewing preserve. These are all viable options that are actually very cheap with one of them being free. There are other free places that you can go, including hiking trails that you will absolutely love that are close by.

Best Hiking Trails

Some of the best hiking trails include what is called the Bowl of Fire. This is the perfect place for people that like to see desert scenery. It is completely desolate by the standards that many people would have if they came from the redwoods or sequoias. However, it’s a different kind of beauty, and is perfect for people that like to ride bicycles, hike, or simply go for a walk. Finally, you can head over to McCullough Hills Trail which is another great destination. Whether you are on a horse, bike, or just walking, you are going to love it.

The choice that you make should be one that is going to cater to your needs. Many people recommend the Bowl of Fire. It is described by many as being just absolutely beautiful. This is what you’ll think when you get there, whether you are writing your horse, bicycle, or just walking with your significant other in this beautiful location. For those that finally do get to come to Henderson, that’s probably the place you should start to get your exercise. Best of all, it’s not going to cost you a single dime because you simply have to go there, spend a few hours walking and biking, and you will see why it is one of the favorite destinations for people that come to this area.